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Bomb Calorimeter will measure the amount of heat generated when matter is burnt in a sealed chamber (Bomb) in an atmosphere of pure oxygen gas. Bomb Calorimeter provides a simple and inexpensive method for determination of heat of combustion of organic matter, calorific value and the sulphur content of solid and liquid fuels.


Digital Bomb Colorimeter is ideal for the determination of calorific value of liquids and solid. Bomb Calorimeter is designed & conceptualized for determination of Heat Combustion of organic matter & calorific value and sulphur content of Liquid & solid fuels. These are designed in compliance with the specifications of the Institute of Petroleum and the British Standard Institution 


A known amount of the sample is burnt in a sealed chamber (Later on we shall refer to this chamber as ‘Bomb’). The air is replaced by pure oxygen. The sample is ignited electrically. As the sample burns, heat is produced. The rise in temperature is determined. Since, barring loss of heat, the amount of heat produced by burning the sample must be equal to the amount of heat absorbed by calorimeter assembly knowledge of the water equivalent of the calorimeter assembly, and of the rise in temperature enables to calculate the heat of combustion of the sample.



  • The Bomb has a capacity of 300ml approximately & is provided with quality pressure Schrader valve for filing of Oxygen in the bomb through oxygen cylinder along with  Valve for bomb & Bomb Key
  • Bomb Calorimeter Vessel with Bomb Support
  • The bomb is provided with a high-pressure Schrader valve, which opens and allows filling of bomb by oxygen because of oxygen pressure from the cylinder
  • Each bomb is tested as per the requirement of Institute of petroleum (IP 12/63T)
  • Pellet press for making tablets in a small Stainless Steel crucible
  • Stainless Steel advanced PUFF Insulated jacket for placing the calorimeter vessel
  • Bomb Calorimeter vessel with bomb support & combined lid for calorimeter vessel
  • State of art user friendly Stirring assembly (with easily replaceable rubber belt in case of need),Connecting leads, connecting tube to connect bomb and pressure gauge
  • Connecting tube with fine adjustment valve to connect pressure gauge and oxygen cylinder
  • Pressure gauge on stand, spanner for oxygen tube connection, ignition wire (2 meters) of Nichrome
  • Cotton Reel, stand for Bomb Lid, Hook for lifting Bomb, Stainless Steel Crucible
  • Supplied with Gelatine Capsules, Gas Release Valve
  • Supplied with Bomb Firing Unit, and Pellet Press
  • Digital Beckman Thermometer & Firing unit
  • Benzoic Acid of known calorific value 'O' Ring Small, 'O' Ring for stirrer
  • Supplied without Oxygen Cylinder



  • Digital Printer
  • Oxygen Cylinder 10 litres capacity complete with pipe fitting, key and regulator


Note: Following company’s constant endeavour to improve design & quality, the instrument may differ in detail, description or as shown in the catalogue.


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