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Air Shower, as the name suggests, is clean room equipment installed at the partition between the clean room and a non-clean room to shower the personnel or matters before entering the clean area. This unit helps to remove dust effectively and maintains the clean working environment. It is a self- contained unit equipped with Air filtration system, Blower motor, Inter locking doors, lighting and electrical Control panel. Air shower is a self-contained closed cubicle unit conceptualized to minimise particulate matter entering or exiting the clean space.  It serves to protect clean room environment from unwanted contamination & enhances clean room's performance by removing surface contamination from clothing and clean room garments of personnel by blowing off contaminants with the help of high velocity adjustable Air Nozzles. The clean air inside the shower supports very high degree of sterility and clean air environment. The unit being modular can be easily installed at entrance of clean rooms & other controlled environmental rooms. Air Shower is designed for application in Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Manufacturing Production Line assemblies, Clean Room & variety of R &D Labs. 


  • Body fabricated out of heavy industrial grade wooden board duly mica clad or Mild Steel Sheet/G.I Sheet duly pre treated with primers for rust proofing & elegantly painted with long lasting powder coating paint or Stainless steel sheet
  • The Air Shower is a self- contained unit & is equipped with Air filtration systems, Blower Motor, Interlocking Doors, Lighting, and pre-wired electrical Control panel.
  • The unit is provided with Control access panel at the side of the shower.  
  • All exterior and interior surfaces are completely sealed with materials compatible with standard guidelines.
  • All visible surfaces are covered with laminate.
  • Doors made from clear anodized aluminium with clear view glass/acrylic windows at the entry and exit of Air Clean room.
  • Doors provided on either side of the air shower are Inter Locked.
  • Quality Adjustable air nozzles fitted on the walls for optimum Air Flow.
  • Interior shall include an appropriate number of air nozzles, fluorescent light & HEPA filter.
  • Emergency switch is also located inside the unit.



  • PRE FILTER:  Fitted with washable synthetic pre-filter unit
  • MAIN FILTER/HEPA FILTER: Unit is incorporated with High Efficiency Particulate Filters (HEPA) made of mini pleated non woven fabric.
  • FILTER DESCRIPTION: Air Shower is fitted with washable synthetic pre-filter and secondary high efficiency particle air filters made of pleated Non Woven Fabric. The efficiency of filters has a rating better than 99.99% at DOP (cold) and 99.97% at DOP (Hot). These units have the capacity to hold all suspended particles of size greater than 0.3 micron. Units are incorporated with HEPA Filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) comprising of Non-Woven Micro fiber Glass pleated media. The pleats are separated by corrugated Aluminium foil separators. The filter has Rubber padding for a perfect rubber to rubber sealing.



Incorporated with a heavy duty efficient motor which operates with Minimum noise levels. Using a Dynamic Machine, the Motor & Blower Assembly is both statically and dynamically balanced ensuring Minimum vibration and noise levels.


Suitable to operate on 220/230 Volts, Single phase, 50 Hertz, AC supply.


CONSTRUCTION Industrial grade wooden board duly mica clad/ Mild Steel Sheet or G.I. Sheet duly pre treated with primers for rust proofing & elegantly painted with durable powder coated paint/Stainless Steel Sheet with base of heavy duty Aluminium sheet
FACE VELOCITY 4500 ft/min + 20 feet (approximately)
Operation Time 0-9990  seconds  (Adjustable)
PRE FILTER Washable pre-filter unit (Non Woven-Synthetic Polyester)
HEPA FILTER Glass pleated Non Woven Fabric filter having 99.99% efficiency 0.3 micron particle size.
AIR FLOW Multi Directional
BLOWER ASSEMBLY Centrifugal lubricated Special Bearing type assembly
ILLUMINATION Diffused Glare free Fluorescent light  Illumination
NOISE LEVEL Noise level less than 60 db
Upgrades(Optional) Inter Locking Doors/ Door  Mat Electro Magnetic System
Inner Work Space 3 x 3 x 7 feet   or   4 x 4 x 7 feet   or   1 x 1 x 2 meter 
Nominal voltage 220/230 Volts, 50 Hertz, 1PH, AC Supply. 












Note: Following Company’s constant endeavor to improve design &Quality the equipment may differ in detail, description or as depicted in this catalogue.


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